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Shooting packages

For the finest sporting shooting and stalking in the Scottish Borders

Driven pheasant and partridge shooting

On 1st September the partridge season opens, and on 1st October the pheasant shooting opens; they both run to 1st February. A driven day is the more formal type of shooting. On the shoot day, a team of guns line out at pegs while beaters, under supervision of the gamekeepers and their dogs, beat the undergrowth to flush the game towards the guns. We offer driven pheasant or partridge days with a maximum of 300 birds.

Rough/walked-up shooting

For a relaxed, informal day walking over a varied terrain, we can offer exciting rough shooting days where the only thing expected is the unexpected! A typical day’s bag includes pheasants, partridge, duck, snipe, woodcock, pigeon plus ground game rabbit, brown hare and sometimes a few grouse.

Grouse shooting

The 12th August marks the start of the grouse shooting season, which lasts to 10th of December. Chirnside Hall predominantly organises walked-up grouse shooting but in good grouse years there will be some driven days. Grouse is often said to be the most sporting bird to shoot, and a day at the grouse can challenge the most seasoned gun. Our grouse shooting takes place on the heather clad hills of the Lammermuir.

Duck shooting

The season runs from the 1st September to the 31st January, we offer challenging duck shot from lake pontoons or from comfortable hides. Ducks can be driven or shot during a morning or evening flight, they can also be incorporated in a driven pheasant/partridge day. Chirnside Hall has some amazing areas including woodland settings natural bogs and secret ponds with comfortable hides to make the experience even more enjoyable!

Rabbit and hare shooting

Mostly for our international guests, rabbiting can take place walked-up with spaniels, we can also offer walked-up brown hare shooting

Pigeon shooting

Being in a prime rural area means there are many pigeons. Shooting can be done with decoys, on a flight line or roost. Best time of the year for pigeon shooting is July/August/September on the stubble and February is very good on rape fields or on the roost.

Roe buck & doe stalking

We stalk roe deer all year round: bucks from 1st April to 20th October, and does from 21st October to 31st March. The best months for roe buck stalking are from the beginning of April to the end of May and the rut end of July/half of August and September. The land surrounding Chirnside is prime habitat for deer as it provides an abundant food supply and a variety of woodland cover, producing good-sized bodies and prize-winning medal heads. Christian Korsten is a very experienced roe deer stalker; he has stalked deer for more than thirty years across Scotland and around the world. Estate rifles are available. There are many strategically placed and comfortable hides and high seats available for the hunter who prefers sitting over stalking.